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Unusual and quite rare, these outstanding companions are still very little know to the Australian public. If you are searching for the cat that will delight your family whilst impressing  your family and friends with a look to remember, you have found your new kitten.

Milletaches is a family owned cattery with a single Queen from the best lineage.  Details of the Father’s lineage appear on the Kittens page, as they will vary for each litter.

We only have one queen and she lives with us in a large house. No seclusion, no isolation. We LOVE cats and kittens and we could not imagine living without kittens around. We found  raising kittens a bliss, and it is always sad when they leave.  However we could not keep them all!   

We have no more than a litter per year, so book your kitten now, get on our email list, or Like our Facebook Page if you wish to be notified our next litter!

Kittens are raised under foot with plenty of socialisation; they get to play and be handled from birth by all family members including the dog (a lively Tenterfield Terrier), small children and our visitors.  This is important as it enables the kittens to be comfortable with most situations such as rough play, loud noises, big spaces and obviously novelty. 

Our kittens love human contact, they make delightful and loyal family members, always up for a cuddle, a play or a little chat. They are raised with love and they definitely shine it back.

Bengal Cat, the amazing family Pet with a robe from the Wild

Is This Your New Cat?

Brief history of the Bengal Cat

Milletaches means "a thousand spots" in French, which is where I (the breeder) am from originally. Before Bengals I used to breed Australian Mist, which also posess beautiful spotted robes.. My queen at the time, an adorable Lilac Spotted girl, was called (Gd Ch Nintu Jolie) Galaxie, for the thousand stars she wore on her body.

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