Milletaches Bengal Cats & Kittens

The Queen

Jahnamir Jolie Misty

Name: Jahnamir Jolie Misty

Age: Born 17 Mar 2012

Colour: Brown Spotted

Father: Gd Ch Wildkatt Jagged Edge

Mother: Jahnamir Honey Suckle

Lineage: Jagsun (AU), Koppiekatz (USA), Azanabengals (CAN), Wildsidebengals (UK), Sheoak (AU), Wildkatt (AU)

Favorite Game: Hide & Seek

Favorite Food: Lamb chop

Favorite Quote: "Why is the dog allowed outside and I’m not?"

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Jahnamir Jolie Misty (or Misty) is a delightful, playful and smart Bengal of beautiful lineage, with multiple Grand Champions in her pedigree.

We only have one queen and she lives with us in the house. No seclusion, no isolation, she is part of the family.

Misty is a very attentive mum. Her kittens display a gorgeous nature and are extremely well socialised.

We love our Misty :)

Have you ever seen anything like a Bengal wild looks? 

Inherited from the Asian Leopard cat, the silky pelt shines out like no other, and is so smooth to cuddle.

Check out the video below, the light is dancing on the coat when Misty circles around the crate!

In this video Misty tricks the pup out of the crate to play gently with her. It is a beautiful moment, observe the delicate craftsmanship displayed by the Bengal cat to get the puppy to play.

Jahnamir Jolie Misty has beautiful markings

Happy Festive Season to All from Misty!